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1980 Shasta Motorhome
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    - Replacing Air Filter
    - Replacing Fuses
    - Rusted Bumper
    - Water System
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Kansas Farm Pond Fishing
    - Grandpa's Bass Pond
Growing Tomatoes In Buckets
Camping - Lake Shawnee, Ks.
Camping - Big Horn Mountains
    - Folding Fire Grill
    - Coleman Lanterns
    - Coleman Cook Stove
    - Small Folding Table
    - Large Folding Table
    - Windbreaker Dome Tent
    - Coleman Red Canyon Tent
Grass Creek, Wyoming
Harbor Freight Tools
    - 3-Gallon Air Compressor
    - Cen-Tech Digital Scale 95364
    - Digital Postal Scale 95069
    - Chicago 3/8" Drill
    - Chicago 3.5 Amp Jigsaw
    - Chicago Reciprocating Saw
    - Chicago Battery Charger
    - Talking Caller ID Phone
Christine Rosamond
Flea/Tick Prevention For Dogs
Proactive Ant Prevention
Amico 1000 Watt Generator
RV Road Test
Poulan "Woodshark" Chainsaw
D-Link Router - DI-604
Linksys 2.4GHz Router - WRT54G
Memorex 2GB Flash Drive
DiskGo 5GB Mini Hard Drive
Deep Fat Frying
Netflix Movie Rentals
Roll Your Own Cigarettes
Victor Sticky Fly Strips
Toshiba Satellite M115-S1061
Magnifying Headlight Lamp
Brewer's Yeast & Garlic
Pet Tie-Out Stakes
Shawnee County Fair
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3mutts webcam

About - p2

what exactly is it anyway?

discounted, but it doesn't have the "authority" seal a link from another widget site would have. In-bound links are like votes. When Site "A" links to Site "B" it is essentially raising its hand and declaring confidence in that site. The more votes, or links, a website has, the more of an authority that site is seen to be by search engine algorithm. The more of an authority a site is, or is perceived to be, the higher it will rank in search engine results and the more traffic it will receive as a result of those rankings. Traffic is, after all, what it's all about. It can be pretty friggin' confusing unless you're doing it every day. Then it's only slightly confusing.

    Some things about this website that help define the control environment even further (since this is the only thing I have any influence over anyway):

    1. It's lightweight. Pages weigh an average of 9K, thumbnails less than 10K. This site will load fast even on slow dial-up connections. The only exception would be the larger image files (100K average) found by clicking on the thumbnails.
    2. The naming convention for both HTML and image files is optimized with regard to certain, specific keywords.
    3. The main text body and anchor text have been optimized for those same keywords.
    4. The layout is ultra simplistic: a single table with minimal CSS, minimal metadata other than what is obligatory, plain, straightforward hyperlinks, sparse graphics and zero scripting (other than my AXS tracking script). Pages can not get any friendlier than this.

    We'll see how it goes.

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