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Burlington, Kansas farm pond, channel cat, catfish, largemouth bass. Crop irrigation.
Image courtesy of Google Earth.

Grandpa's pond from 1,877 feet. We fished for channel cat and bass in this pond when I was a kid. There were catfish as well... snapping turtles (one or two of them I remember being truly huge), plus bullfrogs, painted turtles, crawdads (crayfish to some) and three or four different kinds of snakes. Once or twice a month I'd catch a handful of keepers and lug them back to the house. Grandpa would help me clean them and my Grandmother would cook them for supper that evening. From pond water to dinner table in less than three hours.

In the years following my Grandfather's death the land changed hands several times. It was finally sectioned up and divided among three or four different owners, one of whom reportedly used the pond extensively for crop irrigation. How often this happened or how long it went on I have no idea. I do know that taxing a pond's water supply for irrigation purposes can seriously screw it up if it goes on long enough. I noticed quite a few trees are missing too.

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