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Magnifying headlight lamp - illuminated with four AAA batteries.

I felt kind of stupid the first few times I used a magnifying headlight lamp. Nobody was around to see me do it but I felt slightly stupid anyway. What I felt was that it was overkill, an extreme length to go to in order to read the occasional small print. Well, that occasional "small print" has been popping up more and more these days, in fact the older I get, the smaller it seems to get.

I don't know the magnification power of this particular magnifying rig. I haven't been able to find this exact model online, mainly because I don't know what this exact model it is. I've found several similar magnifying headsets, same size, same basic construction, even the same color. All of them were in the 3X magnification range so I'm about 99% certain this one is too.

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